Dining the Artwork

A work by David Ymbernon, with chef Jordi Gabaldà and musician Xavi Lloses

16 guests attend a performing cuisine (or culinary poetry) meal


David Ymbernon is a visual artist who breaks all imaginable frontiers, creator of a very particular universe expressed through a variety of media. His works lead us to an oneiric world identified with a revolutionary figure called Latung La La, as well as the color orange. An example of this is his latest culinary performance piece: orange culinary poetry, in collaboration with chef Jordi Gabaldà –from Contrast restaurant in Sabadell– and musician Xavi Lloses.

Jordi Gabaldà serves one of the best signature cuisines, mixing creativity with traditional, market-fresh cooking, dispensing with any superfluous elements and seeking a natural, delectable taste.

Xavi Lloses is a musician, composer and producer who, since the late 1990s, has been delving into acoustic and electronic experimentation, between sound art sampling and the stage, exploring the confluence of music and art.



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